How to mentor an inexperienced instructional designer

How to mentor an inexperienced instructional designer

Instructional Designers

If your L&D department has to hire someone with little to no professional experience as an instructional designer, see the opportunity as it is: if the new employee has the right potential, and get the support they need from a mentor, they can become just the missing piece of the puzzle in your team.

types of mentoring

How many types of mentoring are there?

E-learning, Managers

A real-life modern-day mentor could do wonders for one’s professional development and as such many organizations have started to recognize this and have established programs to aid younger employees get in touch and receive guidance from more experienced peers. But how many types of mentoring are there, and how can an L&D professional decide for the best option?

knowledge transfer

Mentorship and knowledge transfer between Baby Boomers and Millennials


With not enough Generation Xers to fill all the managers’ shoes after Baby Boomers had retired, Millennials will have their fare (?) share of managerial positions to fill on their own. Mentorship is a necessary piece in this huge knowledge transfer we are now witnessing between Baby Boomers and the younger generations.