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Micro and macro learning: a match made in L&D Heaven

Micro and macro learning: a match made in L&D Heaven

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Lately, learning specialists were required to create short training interventions, focused on essential information or skills. Now it’s time to start designing learning paths that are targeted at building competencies and improving results, which requires a balanced blend of macro and micro learning.

Key aspects of effective microlearning

3 Key aspects of effective microlearning: How to do more with less

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Make sure that your microlearning efforts are integrated naturally in the day-to-day routine of your employees and you will soon see the benefits. People are the most important asset of any business. Make sure that you create learning opportunities for them and allow them to grow. One (micro)step at a time!

shortcomings of micro-learning

Overcoming the shortcomings of micro-learning

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Some of the most common causes for a not so great deployment of a new micro-learning program are: hasty planning, failure to meet expectations and inability to sustain the long-term goals of the individuals and the organization. Let’s explore how L&D professionals can overcome these challenges.

micro-first model for business training

The Micro-first Model for business training

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Micro learning is being increasingly used by numerous organizations whether it is for formal or informal learning. It is the favorite of all users as it consumes less time and is available to them exactly when learning is needed (just-in-time). Furthermore, its rich media formats ensure greater learner engagement and superior information retention. The micro-first model for business training simply makes sense.

drawbacks of microlearning

10 Drawbacks of microlearning in training

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Even though it can lead to positive learning outcomes thanks to its learner-centered vibe, just-in-time learning support or its enabling of reusable learning objects, microlearning is not the perfect solution for every training challenge. It simply can’t be. Not with all the diversity that comes with the organic process of learning in the myriad of organizations. In fact sometimes is better to avoid it altogether.

advantages of microlearning

10 Advantages of microlearning in online training

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Just because something is small it doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. A drop of learning wrapped in a small training package can have a huge positive impact on employee productivity. Microlearning can really turn out to be that drop that makes the training potion magic and give trainees the heal of knowledge. So let’s focus on 10 positive aspects of microlearning that might convince you to add it to your training potion!


5 Questions about microlearning — and their answers

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Microlearning is on everybody’s lips these days. It’s probably the latest in terms of effective learning. Even though everyone’s talking about microlearning — or precisely because of that — discutions ofen get to contradictory terms. So here are five questions about microlearning and their corresponding answers.

micro learning

Micro learning – the big wave of mobile education

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Micro learning is already established as the wonder child of the online education industry. A normal response to the spectacular growth of mobile learning and an antidote to lack of time and resources in the workplace, bite-sized learning can prove the perfect solution for employees. Providing real-time, relevant information, this type of training boosts employee efficiency, and as such improves company productivity.

micro learning

Micro learning: From small dots to the big picture

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Micro learning has a lot in common with the Impressionist art movement. Each micro learning activity is like a dot, a line, or a messy paintbrush stroke of color in such a painting. Embrace all small learning activities and connect them all into a big picture. Your company’s learning strategy will have impressive results.