Scenario-based learning

Scenario-based learning: How it works

Course design

Scenario-based learning makes use of interactive scenarios to support active learning strategies. Depending on their learning purpose, scenarios can be simpler — mini scenarios, or more complex — branching scenarios.

Find out how these scenarios help the Learner.

solutions for training millennials

5 Simple solutions for training millennials (Part II)


Question: What do all companies have in common, no matter their size, industry or field of activity?
Answer: They all hire millennials.

In a post from last month I presented five simple solutions for training millennials and I also promised we’ll explore another five in a future post. Well, this is the future post. Let’s dive in!

mistakes in e-learning

Making mistakes in e-learning: A dream come true


Happy 2016! Raise your glass for a year full of mistakes! Hear, hear!

What? Are mistakes not on your new year’s resolutions list? I think they should be.

Find out why making mistakes in a secure place like an LMS can actually be good for employees and their companies.

Gamification: the spoonful of sugar for the training medicine

Gamification: the spoonful of sugar for the training medicine

Course design

Remember Mary Poppins and her supercalifragilisticexpialidoceous way of teaching the Banks children to enjoy all things in life, even those they didn’t really want to do?

E-learning professionals had to come up with ways of keeping all the corporate Janes and Michaels engaged with their courses. They found that the equivalent of the spoonful of sugar for the training medicine is using gamification in their training.

social intelligence in online training

How to use social intelligence in online training

Online training

Social learning is all about interacting successfully with others in various contexts. Instructional designers who use social intelligence principles when creating training courses will help their learners not only retain knowledge better, but also develop their empathy and interpersonal skills.


personalized learning

What’s the deal with personalized learning?

L&D leaders

Personalized learning is the tailoring of learning environments with the primary focus on learners and how they experience the process of knowledge acquisition. Find out what can instructional designers do to personalize e-learning courses and how learners experience a personalized learning session.

training millennials

Simple solutions for training millennials (Part I)

L&D leaders

Corporate learning is critical for increasing skills, improving the leadership pipeline, and enhancing employee engagement. As millennials transform the workplace we have known for the past decades, it is essential for businesses to assess their current learning environment and strive to build a corporate learning experience that is customized for every employee.

E-learning Trends for 2016

Top 7 E-learning Trends for 2016

L&D leaders

The global LMS market is on an ascendent pace, being set to reach a whooping USD 11.34 billion by 2020. The only way to tell if this forecast will become true is to wait another five years. Until then, we’ll try our own fortune-teller abilities and propose a few ideas that we think will shape the e-learning landscape in 2016.

employee performance

6 Ways of boosting employee performance with e-learning

L&D leaders

Successful online training courses offer a great learning experience and, most importantly, employees have a chance to apply what they learn in their daily tasks. The number one thing that all businesses care about is performance, because well-trained and enthusiastic employees are more productive, which always leads to bigger profits, and who doesn’t want to have a blooming company with happy employees?