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Seneca effect in Learning and Development

The Seneca effect in Learning and Development

L&D leaders

The Seneca effect is pervasive in many industries and it involves slow growth and rapid collapse. Business resilience is the proper way to deal with collapse effectively. In L&D, we are experiencing the collapse of the traditional model, so a fluid/flexible mindset is the best tool to build resilience in a changing environment.

How L&D transformed with the pandemic

How the pandemic transformed L&D

Online training

The L&D function, the essential supporter of any corporate change, had to remodel itself tremendously in order to become what companies needed it to be. Thanks to the positive and creative frame of mind of most learning specialists, the transformations have all been helpful and positive.

personalized training for remote employees

4 Tips on providing personalized training for remote employees

L&D leaders

Remote work has transformed overnight from an occasional perk to a (seemingly) permanent necessity. Digital transformation in training and development got a huge boost, so it is important to develop digital training strategies that provide personalized training and support for remote workforces.

podcasting for employee development

Things to know about podcasting for employee development

Course design

The popularity of podcasts is mainly due to the fact that they allow for multi-tasking. In the shelter in place context, podcasts also offer a welcome break from too much screen time. It’s both convenient and engaging and thus a perfect way of delivering information and building up skills.

how to design video-based training

5 Guidelines on how to design video-based training

Course design

L&D teams now face the challenge of providing quality learning opportunities, tailored to the requirements of our ‘new normal’. Video learning presents itself as a viable choice for delivering much-needed training. So let’s explore five guidelines on how to design video-based training:

use video in your e-learning courses

Why you should use video in your e-learning courses

Online training

Videos are an essential tool for your e-learning courses. When used properly, they can motivate people to personally engage with their learning like no other type of content can. If you want to drive engagement and learning up, then be sure to make videos a central part of your online L&D curriculum.

holding live training sessions

4 Tips for holding live training sessions via Zoom

L&D leaders

Like all platforms, Zoom takes some getting used to and has features that are highly visible and features that need a little digging after. The following tips are meant to make live training using this platform a little easier and more efficient.

Using e-learning strategies in your business

Using e-learning strategies in your business

Online training

As more and more training is going online, it must be engaging so that it upskills employees and ensures professional development at the same level as face-to-face training. A great e-learning strategy aids personal development and helps your team and organization move forward.