AI-powered LMS

5 Ways an AI-powered LMS keeps your organization ahead


AI is not only here to stay; it is here to change the way we do most things. When it comes to corporate LMS, AI is not a commodity, but a necessity, as modern learner demands can only be met by employing it.

Seneca effect in Learning and Development

The Seneca effect in Learning and Development


The Seneca effect is pervasive in many industries and it involves slow growth and rapid collapse. Business resilience is the proper way to deal with collapse effectively. In L&D, we are experiencing the collapse of the traditional model, so a fluid/flexible mindset is the best tool to build resilience in a changing environment.

Challenges L&D will have to overcome in 2021

6 Challenges L&D will have to overcome in 2021


2021 will surely provide more challenges than we can predict at the moment. However, there are already some clear directions that need to be followed, and L&D departments will not only have their hands full but also the great opportunity to become even more visible and valued by the organizations.

memorable moments in corporate learning

5 Types of memorable moments in corporate learning

Instructional Designers

Memorable moments are experiences that trigger a deep and lasting emotional impression, positive or negative. That’s why all L&D specialists need to be aware of the importance of these memorable moments and when these occur during an employee’s learning journey.

How L&D transformed with the pandemic

How the pandemic transformed L&D

Remote Training

The L&D function, the essential supporter of any corporate change, had to remodel itself tremendously in order to become what companies needed it to be. Thanks to the positive and creative frame of mind of most learning specialists, the transformations have all been helpful and positive.

leadership lessons 2020

Top 4 leadership lessons 2020 taught us


Since we are stepping hopefully into this new year, it is a good idea to stop and take a look at the most important leadership lessons learned in 2020. These takeaways will help draw a clearer picture of how leadership needs to evolve and deal with the rather challenging aftermath of the current situation.