adaptive L&D

5 Things to consider when moving towards adaptive L&D

Instructional Designers

The key for companies to move forward is investment in flexible, agile learning programs fit to build the existing human talent in the digital era. L&D specialists need to design a flexible strategy aligned with business objectives and fitted to identify and enable various capabilities needed to achieve success.

Knowledge Management techniques

How Knowledge Management techniques can be used to enhance training


Injecting Knowledge Management into your training processes ensures you never get complacent with what your team knows, and with how you develop your employees’ professional skills. Rather, strategic KM is all about using the knowledge your team possesses to its highest potential.

sustaining collaboration in remote teams

5 Tips on sustaining collaboration in remote teams

Remote Training

While remote work definitely has its advantages, there are a lot of challenges that resulted from this new normal way of doing business. One of these ongoing struggles is facilitating team collaboration, so here are 5 tips on how to sustain it remotely:

soft skills to support when training a remote workforce

Top 3 soft skills to support when training a remote workforce

Remote Training

While technology does wonders for efficiency and better productivity, it also takes a toll on our mental state by being rather stressful. In order for teams to continue to function well as units, organizations must turn their attention to supporting three crucial soft skills: empathy, constant feedback, and adaptability.

360-degrees feedback

360-degrees feedback: A more accurate strategy for coaching programs


No coaching program is perfect, but with the right attitude and with the constant habit of asking and giving feedback, there is a good chance of making people feel more in tune with the company’s values and objectives. Let’s see 5 ways you can improve your company’s 360-degrees feedback process for coaching sessions:

LMS capabilities that make remote training possible

4 LMS capabilities that make remote training possible


We are well into the current crisis and nobody knows for sure how long it will last and what the effects will be once it passes. This is not a time for quick fixes and organizations need to thoroughly assess their current LMS solutions, as they can very well make the difference between merely staying afloat or genuinely thriving.


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