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Artificial Intelligence make face-to-face training redundant

Will Artificial Intelligence make face-to-face training redundant?


Artificial Intelligence seems to be on the track of taking over the world. Many fear the loss of jobs AI will inevitably lead to. Could L&D professionals, and especially trainers, be on that list? This article will dive into a few reasons they actually have nothing to fear.

e-learning and growth

3 Reasons why e-learning and growth go hand in hand


The connection between e-learning and increased business growth is clearer than ever. E-learning solutions offer companies a measurable, flexible and unique model for growth, engaging employees with an active and rewarding development path.

boost employee engagement

4 Things that help boost employee engagement


Engaged employees will stay longer, work better and promote a positive attitude and culture. Organizations should invest in programs that build and support engagement if they want to be successful in the long term. Here are several factors that can have a positive impact on employee engagement:

Learning from marketing

Learning from marketing: 3 Tips for L&D professionals

Instructional Designers

Even the best designed course can suffer if the learners go in feeling that it might not speak to them or that it won’t be applicable anytime in the foreseeable future. So, taking a few notes from the marketing people and treating courses like quality products and trainees as potential customers are the keys to a more successful corporate learning.

LMS features that companies want

LMS features that companies want


As the industry becomes more competitive, many LMS developers are introducing new features in order to stand out from the crowd. While this trend has introduced the e-learning industry with some truly beneficial features, there are others that add no value to the end-user. Here are the most in-demand LMS features that companies look for:

elevate corporate training

10 Great tools to quickly elevate corporate training [Infographic]


Trainers are in charge of organizing sessions, creating course materials, evaluating courses and finding the appropriate tools to accomplish everything. The pressure to digitize training is higher than ever before. That is why we have searched high and low for tech that can elevate your training right away. Here are our top 10 options:


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