The top 8 e-learning trends for 2022

Online training

E-learning is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down. There are many exciting developments for corporate learning, so here are a few glimpses into what 2022 will look like where e-learning is concerned!


Does your L&D team need a project management tool?

L&D leaders

Project management is essential for L&D as mastering it means better results and helping the organization achieve its goals. Let’s have a discussion about project management platforms and what they can do for learning professionals:


4 Ways to make sure your training programs make an impact

Course design

While everyone agrees that learning is essential, in practice, not everyone is on board when it comes to new training interventions. Therefore, it’s L&D’s job to demonstrate how the learning programs will optimize efficiency for better results.


3 Essential elements for collaborative innovation

L&D leaders

It’s not either/or when it comes to collaboration and innovation, as they are both indispensable. However, what do we do when collaboration doesn’t contribute to innovation? Here are the three most important elements for collaborative innovation:


3 Ways to improve your online training user experience

Course design

UX rules and guidelines are ever-evolving. So are learning needs. Luckily, instructional designers don’t need extensive UX training to optimize learning materials. Let’s explore three ways to improve the online training user experience: