Does your L&D team need a project management tool?


Project management is essential for L&D as mastering it means better results and helping the organization achieve its goals. Let’s have a discussion about project management platforms and what they can do for learning professionals:


3 Essential elements for collaborative innovation


It’s not either/or when it comes to collaboration and innovation, as they are both indispensable. However, what do we do when collaboration doesn’t contribute to innovation? Here are the three most important elements for collaborative innovation:

What corporate L&D has to learn from Professional Associations

What corporate L&D has to learn from Professional Associations


Professional Associations are especially good at orchestrating and operating continuous learning in their fields, and there is a lot that we can learn from them. Here are a few things PAs are doing to ensure their educational offer stays relevant.

How to make hybrid training engaging and impactful

How to make hybrid training engaging and impactful

Instructional Designers

Hybrid learning might not be the method of choice for any trainer, but today’s reality makes it imperative to make it possible. This type of training must be efficient, so instructors should strive to perfect their skills to perform well in such a setting


What to do about your organizational culture after the crisis


Organizational culture is not an immovable thing. It suffers changes and needs constant nurture. Since it has been one of the most important factors in making it through the past couple of years, all companies should give it proper attention now.


The e-learning tools every L&D professional needs


L&D professionals have many tools to choose from, so it can get a bit overwhelming. However, it gets easier if you know what to look for! Let’s discover the main categories and capabilities of e-learning tools that are useful for L&D: