5 Tips for building your resilience in trying times

5 Tips for building your resilience in trying times


As humans, we have an enormous capacity for resilience and the possibility to build it over time. Resilience is more about how you recharge and get back into shape (mentally) after trying times, not just how much you can endure. Here are five tips for building your resilience and live life after the pandemic:

Is procrastination all that bad

Is procrastination all that bad? In praise of lazy days at work


We should understand the value of time and what it might bring us if we stop worrying about “wasting” it and start living our lives as explorers of knowledge, not as mere task managers. If procrastination can help us explore more and think more deeply about the things we have to do, then it’s a small price to pay.

intelligent learning platform

What’s in store for the future of training: the intelligent learning platform


The rise of the intelligent platform marks the beginning of a new era of modern training. Access to content, on-demand learning, AI-based recommendations, and sophisticated analytics are just a few of the main features that companies will be on the lookout for as they’re re-thinking their internal processes.

Golden rules for effective leadership

Leading for impact: 5 Golden rules for effective leadership


Leading is a very dynamic and rewarding process that requires the right amounts of knowledge, acumen, and strategic abilities. Continuous learning, feedback, and the willingness to constantly grow and improve are the keys to becoming a leader that truly makes an impact in the organization.

learner engagement in digital training

How to drive up learner engagement in digital training


To drive up digital learning engagement, L&D specialists need to understand that it is very different from traditional corporate learning and act accordingly. Here are a few ideas about how to boost learner engagement in digital training:

storytelling for business training

How to start with storytelling for business training

Instructional Designers

Trainers have long been on a quest to find the best ways of engaging an audience and imparting as much information as possible, and storytelling has always played a part in their strategies. Here are a few new ways of employing storytelling techniques in corporate learning:

Things you shouldn’t expect from your business LMS

4 Things you shouldn’t expect from your business LMS


Having a tool does not automatically equal getting the desired results; and that is true no matter if we’re talking about a hammer or an LMS. What matters most is how people use that tool. So here are four things that an LMS alone can’t do, but it can prove to be of great assistance to those who can:


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