change your business LMS

When it is time to change your business LMS


It’s important to make an evaluation before discarding a business LMS and buying a new one, but it’s also highly advisable not to keep the old LMS that drives everybody nuts and mostly fails in doing what it is supposed to do simply because a large sum of money was initially paid for it.

onboarding is key to employee retention

3 Ways in which onboarding is key to employee retention


Onboarding is not a process that stops after the first day or even the first month in a new job. Organizations need to take a hard look at the way they are approaching new hire integration and adapt to the needs of today’s employees.

Learning by teams

Learning by teams: How to customize your training for every employee


Individualized, dynamic learning programs will allow staff to best use their skills and grow in their career. Once you develop the right programs, and figure out what works best for your employees, you’ll start seeing greater ROI from training, which benefits everyone.

Employee-generated learning

Employee-generated learning: What you need to know

Instructional Designers

Today’s workers search for online resources and courses whenever they are faced with a challenge or need to solve a problem. These resources are not necessarily the work of internal learning designers but created by peers and professionals working in the same field.

L&D professionals can learn from ancient tribes

What L&D professionals can learn from ancient tribes


Learning the way tribes used to does not mean that companies go back in time but that they recognize and tap into some valuable human wisdom. Evolution did not happen by mistake and it is only sensible to apply the mechanics that ensured it in order to move forward.

LMS to be successful

What it takes for an LMS to be successful


The power of a good LMS lies in its capacity to empower learners, bring up engagement scores and make a positive change. However, in order for e-learning to remain successful in delivering optimal results, it needs to be designed and deployed keeping in mind a few essential aspects.