talent activation

Talent activation and what you should be doing about it

L&D leaders

Talent activation is the process of getting the talent you just acquired (employees) and turning it into productivity and business growth. The process takes the potential (aka the talent) a person brings into the company and turns it into meaningful and effective contribution.

training virtual global teams

The DOs of training virtual global teams

Online training

Virtual global teams are becoming more and more frequent in organizations worldwide. They come with a new way of doing things and with a very different interpersonal dynamic that needs to be optimized in order for them to be truly successful.

onboard employees to make them productive from day one

How to onboard employees to make them productive from day one

L&D leaders

With the high cost of recruiting, startups must understand that effectively integrating new hires into the organization is an important step to ensure their success. Onboarding done right will result in a faster learning curve for new hires, improved communication and a more productive and engaged workforce from day one.

Cognitive biases

10 Cognitive biases that hurt learning and 3 that help

Course design

Since the purpose of any teaching module is to change something in behavior and the point of biases is to help individuals act in a way that is similar and consistent with their previous experiences, the latter are obviously in the way of the first. Here are 10 learning-stopping biases, along with 3 that support it:

building organizational resilience

3 Core aspects of building organizational resilience

L&D leaders

Organizational resilience is the ability to handle changes in a positive way, constantly looking for the opportunities and learning moments. Resilient individuals have the ability to recover from the natural disruption of change and move forward with confidence.


Top 3 things to know about the state of e-learning in 2019

Online training

E-learning is a growing industry, with vast potential and significant growth being achieved in many global regions. The following e-learning industry statistics show how well things are going at the moment and the trajectory that will be followed going forwards should not be surprising.