gamification in training to the next level

Taking gamification in training to the next level

Instructional Designers

Gamification has already proved to be more than a fad. Organizations have to be constantly in tune with these developments and adjust to them in order to be able to attract and retain the right people. Learning is not all about fun and games but fun and games can surely be beneficial to learning.

followership for millennials

On followership for Millennials in the workplace


There is a lot of talk about leadership and how it should be cultivated in organizations but few discuss the complementary skill that has to go with it: followership. To some extent it is rather ironic that the generation that managed to change the face of corporations is also lacking the ability to rally and follow direction in the workplace.

best practices for talent management

Top 3 best practices for talent management


Talent management is a rather new thing on the organizational grid. As is with most important or valuable things, talent is rather scarce. Finding it, developing and retaining it are all challenges that HR professionals and team managers face together. So let’s explore a few best practices for a successful talent management program:

Behavioral bridges

6 Behavioral bridges the most effective leaders know how to build


The main problem modern leaders face is that they have to reach very high goals while at the same time maintaining their teams engaged, determined and happy. There are at least six ‘behavioural bridges’ that can be built on in order to marry orientation towards getting results with a genuine care for the human component.

right type of LMS

How to choose the right type of LMS for your organization


When choosing the right LMS, it’s not a question of which is superior to the others but of which fits best the needs (and budget) of the organisation. All stakeholders should have a say in the final choice and a debate about it can only be constructive. The choice has to be one that will be relevant for the foreseeable future.

just in time training

Help your employees cut the mustard with just-in-time training


In today’s complex and competitive business environment time seems to shrink and there never seems to be enough of it to allow for properly complete tasks. And to make things worse, new challenges arise constantly and workers need to meet expectations in a timely manner. Training just in time (or ‘on demand’) is the solution organisations all over the world are turning to.

emerging technologies are going to shape the workplace

How emerging technologies are going to shape the workplace

Managers, Remote Training

The modern workplace barely resembles what it used to be a couple of decades ago. And yet, at the rate things are moving, in no more than ten years today’s offices will seem old fashioned and obsolete. While telling the future is not an exact science (or a science at all for that matter), there are some already obvious digital trends that will shape the workplace.

New Skills Economy

6 Considerations on how L&D should prepare for the New Skills Economy


Talent acquisition has always been important for organisations but lately the checklist for what a talented individual should look like has radically changed. The most precious exchange coins in the present day work market are flexibility, adaptability and the capacity to learn fast. It’s a new skills economy.

transversal business acumen

The role of L&D in achieving transversal business acumen


Making big decisions fast and knowing when something is a major game changer and when it is just a fad is crucial to the present day leader. Achieving transversal business acumen throughout the organization is something that has to become a daily habit with the promotion of a continuous learning culture and a strong focus on employee empowerment.

lead your L&D team with vision

Lead your L&D team with vision in the year to come!


In order to take the organization to the highest possible level, leaders must engage their people with a compelling and tangible vision. While born inspirational leaders are rather scarce, the need for organizations to figure out and communicate their vision at every point of interaction with both customers and employees is becoming greater by the day. Vision is imagination and clarity all at once.