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cloud computing can onboard and train

How cloud computing can onboard and train employees


How new employees are on-boarded and trained is crucial to the success and growth of an organization. Employees are more likely to stay with a company longer if they have a positive on-boarding experience. Thankfully, cloud-based software solutions can now ensure that your new hires are properly inducted into the company by training them faster and more efficiently than ever before.

desirable difficulties

Desirable difficulties during the learning process

Instructional Designers

In order to be effective, learning needs to be done with some effort. That doesn’t mean that all the gimmicks learning professionals come up with to make it easier and more fun are counterproductive. Nor does learning have to be torture. The key are those desirable difficulties that make the brain work out. There may be some discomfort but the results are worth it – just like in the case of regular gym sessions for the body.

What is GDPR and why should talent development professionals care

What is GDPR and why should talent development professionals care?


The General Data Protection Regulation is bound to become enforceable next Friday. It will give more control to people over their personal data and also simplify the regulatory environment for international businesses. But what is GDPR exactly, and why should talent development professionals care about it, especially if the organizations they work for are not in Europe?

marketing techniques for e-learning

Why L&D professionals should know a few marketing techniques for e-learning


Corporate learning specialists tend to spend a lot of time and effort on providing quality e-learning content and expect employees to just jump at the opportunity to enroll. Even with the best programs available engagement scores are rarely as high as L&D managers would like. But with the use of simple marketing strategies, that can change.

Instructional Design Thinking

The 5 steps of Instructional Design Thinking [INFOGRAPHIC]

Instructional Designers

There is a lot of academic literature on the innovation process, how it works and what techniques we can employ to get our brain to create new and different ideas. As far as the design process is concerned, Herbert Simon’s article The Sciences of the Artificial from 1969 is still very influential today. Design Thinking involves five steps: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test.

benefits of video games for adult learners

Cognitive benefits of video games for adult learners

Instructional Designers

There is a lot of academic literature to show that video gaming brings about improvements in a wide variety of perceptual, attentional, and cognitive abilities. The potential video games have for positive improvements of the brain ranges from teaching young children to perform complex tasks to training workplace professionals to become more efficient in their jobs.

visuals in e-learning

4 Ways to effectively use visuals in e-learning

Instructional Designers

Keeping learners engaged simply requires some fine tuning of the way the slides are visually designed. Heavy text, obsolete fading effects and cluttered information all have to go and be replaced by attention-grabbing, point-making state of the art design. All instructional designers need to do is spruce up their visual design skills and keep their audience in mind when putting together learning materials.

Meet MATRIX at ATD 2018

Meet MATRIX at ATD 2018!


The MATRIX team is super-excited to head over to the San Diego Convention Center — where ATD 2018 will take place — in just a few days! It’s the second year we will be exhibiting at ATD, so we are twice as excited, actually. We have prepared a lot of activities and prizes, so we know you’ll have a great time. Drop by our Booth #705!

employee motivation

On employee motivation to work and to learn: 17 TED Talks


One of the first things we learn in Economics about making people perform better at work is how reinforcement and punishment modify people’s behavior. But the carrot and the stick approach to controlling employee performance can’t possibly work every time. In case of more complex tasks, the bigger the reward, the poorer the performance. So check out these 17 TED Talks about motivation to get a glimpse of what does work.

learning ecosystem that works with xAPI

Building a learning ecosystem that works with xAPI


For corporate L&D departments it is getting increasingly challenging to keep track of all workplace learning. Implementing xAPI allows L&D specialists to make very informed decisions about what the learning path of each employee should look like, identify performance gaps in real-time and intervene rapidly to correct it and above all build the necessary bridges between employee experience and the company’s key objectives.


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