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training program success

How to increase your training program success by assembling a great team


The success of a training program is correlated to how good the team doing the training is. By putting together from the start a great team, there is a better change of the program being successful. Therefore it’s important to know the goals of the training program, how the perfect team can achieve these goals, where help is needed, how to find people to help you, and how to convince them to join you.

digital training strategy

First steps for building a coherent digital training strategy


It’s obviously clear that the direction learning needs to go is digital yet it’s not enough to simply purchase a LMS, upload some modules and start emailing invitations to enroll. It takes a solid and coherent strategy. Considering all this, and that every journey starts with a single step, where can one actually start? Here are a few steps any L&D professional should take when they want to build a coherent digital training strategy.

Millennials prefer blended learning

Why Millennials prefer blended learning


There are two things that come to mind when thinking about the disruption Millennials bring along at work: the demand for equilibrium between personal and professional life and the desire to continuously develop professionally. A great blended learning program takes the best of face-to-face, instructor-led training and e-learning, and blends everything to meet Millennials learning needs and more.

workplace learning results

4 Must-haves for the best workplace learning results


With increasing employee turnover, offices scattered all around the globe, people working from home it seems difficult to design learning paths that will fit and include everyone as well as get results. There are, though, some things that L&D specialists ought to take into consideration before beginning to set up the department’s battle plan. Here are four aspects of a workplace learning strategy that guarantee positive results.

instructional designers should know about Creative Commons

What instructional designers should know about Creative Commons

Instructional Designers

Creative Commons was created to help all those who create content, whether they are writers, video makers or designers, to use already existing content without having to pay for it. Everything from text to video or sound can be used while being appropriately attributed. So check out a few things all instructional designers should know about Creative Commons.

better graphic design in e-learning courses

5 Tips for better graphic design in e-learning courses


Since the way things look play such a great part in a person’s decision to buy or go through with something, it puts instructional designers in the position of paying a lot more attention to how training courses look rather than focusing mainly on the learning objectives and information to be delivered. So here are a few ideas to put into practice for those who want a better graphic design in their e-learning courses.

5 Non-negotiable features to expect from any business LMS

5 Non-negotiable features to expect from any business LMS [Infographic]


An LMS is like an ecosystem made out of an array of features, that together form a complete learning and training solution. While there will never be two LMS vendors with the same exact features, there will never be two companies that need the exact same features in an LMS. However, there are a few core aspects of an LMS that should be part of any vendor’s training solution and any company’s must-haves. Here are 5 of these:

employee engagement with e-learning

Using incentives to increase employee engagement with e-learning


It’s always been a challenge for instructional designers to answer the “what’s in it for me” question that every learner asks themselves at the start of a course. Getting someone to study requires a lot more that the logical explanation of why they should do it. Developing a coherent incentive system to go with corporate e-learning helps a lot with this issue as well as with increasing employee engagement and retention.


Expanding your company L&D strategy to CoPs


Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something the do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly. Companies that nurture the development of communities of practice will eventually see a lot of benefits, as CoPs are key to understanding the complex knowledge challenges faced by most organizations in today’s knowledge economy.

UX e-learning design

Beyond 508 – UX e-learning design


Many organizations that are not required to do so by law choose to be 508 Compliant as this provides greater inclusivity. Since this section is directly referring to all technology driven software, this also applies to all virtual learning. For companies this means that all e-learning programs should abide to the rules and be easy to access by anyone in any circumstance.


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