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Too busy for learning

Too busy for learning? That’s just an excuse!


The paradigm surrounding workplace training is that while everyone agrees upon its importance, almost nobody puts it on their high priority list. Managers know that their company’s competitiveness is directly related to employees’ skills development, yet L&D departments are often the first to be hit by budget cuts. Employees are perfectly aware that developing their skills directly contributes to their professional development, yet they always have something urgent to do and simply don’t show up at training sessions.

How can instructional designers destroy this “too busy” attitude towards learning?

solutions for training millennials

5 Simple solutions for training millennials (Part II)


Question: What do all companies have in common, no matter their size, industry or field of activity?
Answer: They all hire millennials.

In a post from last month I presented five simple solutions for training millennials and I also promised we’ll explore another five in a future post. Well, this is the future post. Let’s dive in!

training millennials

Simple solutions for training millennials (Part I)

L&D leaders

Corporate learning is critical for increasing skills, improving the leadership pipeline, and enhancing employee engagement. As millennials transform the workplace we have known for the past decades, it is essential for businesses to assess their current learning environment and strive to build a corporate learning experience that is customized for every employee.

Teaching techniques that annoy adult learners

5 Teaching techniques that annoy adult learners

Online training

More often than not, e-learning instructors spend a lot of time on perfecting their courses but forget how to actually teach. And that’s why they shouldn’t be surprised to find out that their learners find their teaching style outdated, not engaging and sometimes downright annoying.

Follow these 5 teaching techniques if you want to annoy your adult learners.