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Reporting on talent management

Reporting on talent management


Since businesses turn to L&D whenever a new need arises, it’s crucial that all programs come to support organizational challenges and demonstrate a positive impact and ROI. It’s equally important to establish a logical frame and have a common language when it comes to reporting on talent management.

infographics in online training

On the use of infographics in online training


Present-day digital design offers unlimited options to all those who want to use their imagination and create something unique and with great impact. Infographics are top trend of the day since they have been around and powerful for quite some time it’s safe to assume, they will be riding the popularity wave for a while.

myths about facilitation

Bringing down 4 myths about facilitation


There are several myths about what a trainer should be and how he or she should conduct learning interventions. These are part of the corporate culture folklore and it’s rather difficult for young professionals to bust them and become successful facilitators.

organize online training for your remote employees

How to organize online training for your remote employees and skyrocket their skills!

Remote Training

Remote workers can have difficulty learning procedures and core company values when transitioning away from a traditional 9-to-5 desk job. You can overcome these issues with a well-organized online training regime. Developing thorough and efficient training tools and procedures are one of the best ways to ensure your remote employees, and thus your company, thrive.

shortcomings of micro-learning

Overcoming the shortcomings of micro-learning


Some of the most common causes for a not so great deployment of a new micro-learning program are: hasty planning, failure to meet expectations and inability to sustain the long-term goals of the individuals and the organization. Let’s explore how L&D professionals can overcome these challenges.

LMS adoption

Top 3 strategies for LMS adoption


Selecting, buying and implementing a new LMS can be a lengthy process but it doesn’t need to be a difficult one. If all those involved to their homework at the right time and are prepared for every step, success is a guarantee. Project managers have to keep in mind that it’s not over once the system is up and running. Rather, it’s when it all begins.

measuring the impact of learning

On measuring the impact of learning


Measuring the results of organizational learning is far from being an exact science. It’s important therefore that each learning program is designed with a specific measurable outcome in mind and that proper evaluation is conducted before declaring the success or failure of a teaching intervention.

Elaboration Likelihood Method for instructional design

The Elaboration Likelihood Method for instructional design

Instructional Designers

ELM provides valuable insights into the workings of the human brain when faced with a message. While the processing route will always be an individual decision, instructional designers can do quite a lot to influence that and ensure that valuable knowledge gets sent on the right (central) path.

VR training with xApi

Combining the perks of VR training with xApi

Instructional Designers

Immersive learning environments provide the experience today’s learner prefers yet they still want all of it to be tailored to individual needs and objectives. Making xAPI an integral part of organizational L&D allows companies to create unified analytics, automate all reporting and use gathered data to take specific actions.


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