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The posts in this category address various aspects of remote work and how training programs must adapt to this new reality.

training virtual global teams

The DOs of training virtual global teams

Remote Training

Virtual global teams are becoming more and more frequent in organizations worldwide. They come with a new way of doing things and with a very different interpersonal dynamic that needs to be optimized in order for them to be truly successful.

organize online training for your remote employees

How to organize online training for your remote employees and skyrocket their skills!

Remote Training

Remote workers can have difficulty learning procedures and core company values when transitioning away from a traditional 9-to-5 desk job. You can overcome these issues with a well-organized online training regime. Developing thorough and efficient training tools and procedures are one of the best ways to ensure your remote employees, and thus your company, thrive.

collaboration within a remote workforce

4 Ways to encourage collaboration within a remote workforce

Remote Training

No matter what industry you belong to, one of the biggest contributors to the success of any company is whether or not its employees are able to collaborate effectively. While remote working means that face-to-face communication is limited, there are still plenty of ways to encourage teamwork.

remote work can benefit your organization

How remote work can benefit your organization

Managers, Remote Training

Companies that try remote working arrangements consistently report productivity boosts, measurable savings, happier employees and lower job turnover. Although there’s no guarantee you can automatically duplicate these benefits in your organization, telecommuting is certainly worth exploring.

emerging technologies are going to shape the workplace

How emerging technologies are going to shape the workplace

Managers, Remote Training

The modern workplace barely resembles what it used to be a couple of decades ago. And yet, at the rate things are moving, in no more than ten years today’s offices will seem old fashioned and obsolete. While telling the future is not an exact science (or a science at all for that matter), there are some already obvious digital trends that will shape the workplace.

including remote workers in your L&D plan

The best strategies for including remote workers in your L&D plan

Managers, Remote Training

Remote workers are becoming a major part of the staff of many companies, especially at high-level jobs or specialist positions. Even with the specific challenges of managing a remote workforce, the need for training and development persists. Fortunately, with the right services and the right strategies, inclusion will be easy.

global virtual teams

Why L&D should prepare for training global virtual teams

Remote Training

Traditional teams are made up of people who spend a lot of time together and as a result develop a certain group dynamics. Globalization and the rapid technological advancements have led to a new type of team – one in which members may never meet face to face. With the right technology and proper management, global virtual teams will ensure a bright, successful future for organizations everywhere.

remote teams the future of the workplace

Are remote teams the future of the workplace?

Remote Training

Remote workers can now do pretty much everything in-office workers can do, and quite often they can do more. Remote work will become more popular; the delay is the result of companies figuring out exactly how to roll out these changes in a way that makes the most sense for the business. But it will happen. You can be sure of that. And eventually, telecommuting will define the way we work.

advantages of online training

6 advantages of online training

E-learning, Remote Training

E-learning is today gaining a lot of terrain in front of the classical, dusty classroom training. Online training is the future and can bring great benefits to any organization that want to prosper, and this post offers a few reasons why.


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