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Remote Training

The posts in this category address various aspects of remote work and how training programs must adapt to this new reality.

types of asynchronous training

Exploring 5 types of asynchronous training

Remote Training

Remote employees will still need to learn and develop professionally. Therefore, trainers and instructional designers need to step up their game and create the best asynchronous training experiences for them. Let’s explore some options:

restructure your business for remote success

How to restructure your business for remote success

Remote Training

As you transition your business to a remote working environment, you need to be patient,as not everyone will adjust overnight (and that is okay). The important thing is that you provide your team with every resource you can to ensure the success and growth of your business.

spectrum between synchronous and asynchronous training

The spectrum between synchronous and asynchronous training

Remote Training

The very first step to take when designing asynchronous training experiences for remote learners is to decide where exactly on the synchronous-asynchronous spectrum the new online training course needs to be. There are at least four different types of training on this spectrum:

transferring training online

3 Basic steps to take when transferring training online

Remote Training

If you feel that when you are converting your existing classroom course to e-learning you are starting from scratch, it’s because you actually are. Even if you have all the information and don’t need to do research on the subject matter itself, the online environment is different, and learners expect something else entirely.

using an LMS for training remote workers

3 Perks of using an LMS for training remote workers

LMS, Remote Training

In the context of extended remote work, global teams, and a growing need for brevity, flexibility and efficiency, having a good Learning Management System will make the difference between companies who navigate changes successfully and those who struggle.


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