The posts in this category cover subjects L&D managers and other decision makers involved in business training might find useful or at least interesting.

digital adoption manager

A new key role in the organization: digital adoption manager


Like all things new, going digital is not entirely easy. For some it may not even seem very natural but since that is the way the cookie crumbles in today’s business world, only those who get on the digital boat and learn how to sail it will succeed. And any boat needs a captain.

remote work can benefit your organization

How remote work can benefit your organization

Managers, Remote Training

Companies that try remote working arrangements consistently report productivity boosts, measurable savings, happier employees and lower job turnover. Although there’s no guarantee you can automatically duplicate these benefits in your organization, telecommuting is certainly worth exploring.

encourage learning every single day

5 Simple ways to encourage learning every single day


The modern workplace is constantly evolving. If you foster a culture of learning, you ensure that your organization evolves alongside it. Don’t get stuck on formal development or training program. Instead, start encouraging daily learning so your staff won’t be left behind.

navigating rapid change in the organization

3 Tips on navigating rapid change in the organization


Navigating rapid change in today’s stormy business waters can be tricky. Yet the ones who will manage to alter the course and still make the destination will surely reap the rewards of gentle shores and unimaginable treasures.

onboarding is key to employee retention

3 Ways in which onboarding is key to employee retention


Onboarding is not a process that stops after the first day or even the first month in a new job. Organizations need to take a hard look at the way they are approaching new hire integration and adapt to the needs of today’s employees.

Learning by teams

Learning by teams: How to customize your training for every employee


Individualized, dynamic learning programs will allow staff to best use their skills and grow in their career. Once you develop the right programs, and figure out what works best for your employees, you’ll start seeing greater ROI from training, which benefits everyone.

L&D professionals can learn from ancient tribes

What L&D professionals can learn from ancient tribes


Learning the way tribes used to does not mean that companies go back in time but that they recognize and tap into some valuable human wisdom. Evolution did not happen by mistake and it is only sensible to apply the mechanics that ensured it in order to move forward.

principles of learning reinforcement

The other 5 principles of learning reinforcement


Learning is continuous and implementing the correct reinforcement plan can only lead to efficiency and improved results. The five principles presented in this post refer to what the organization should do to ensure employees not only learn but get to apply that knowledge in the workplace for better results.


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