The posts in this category cover subjects L&D managers and other decision makers involved in business training might find useful or at least interesting.

Divergent roads on the path to training success

Divergent roads on the path to training success


People have different ways of thinking, different backgrounds and they relate to knowledge and information in unique ways. And this uniqueness should be taken into consideration when we try to implement learning programs in any company.

facilitate knowledge transfer between generations

How to facilitate knowledge transfer between generations


There are a lot of stereotypes about generations in the workplace, some of it probably grounded in reality. Regardless of what generation employees belong to, it’s imperative that organizations find the best way to transfer the knowledge from the more experienced ones to the newcomers.

hands-on leadership

A case for hands-on leadership in a crisis-facing business world


At a time when decisions need to be timely and changes are waiting around every corner, it’s crucial that leaders stay connected both to what is happening on their market and inside their organizations. A hands-on approach is the best way to truly move companies in the right direction with appropriate speed.

organizational leaders can facilitate change

How organizational leaders can facilitate change


Change is quite difficult when transformation has to be achieved in the workplace and people need to rally together in order to make it happen. However, if leaders prove brave, trustworthy and with a sound vision the positive results will not tarry.

businesses after the pandemic

On grief and the future of businesses after the pandemic


The world will no longer be the same and we should all prepare for changes. The five stages of grief are as real for individuals as they are for companies. Let’s see how the model might help businesses cope with the current crisis:

Making new tech accessible in your company

Making new tech accessible in your company


Without the ability to utilize new technology in a timely manner your business will likely fall far behind your competitors. The key is to continually upskill your employees and maintain your own education on how new technology will impact your industry and how you can best take advantage of the situation.

coaching culture

Successfully managing change through a coaching culture


It takes a lot of work to break habits and adopt new points of view. However, in an ever-changing business ecosystem, change may sometimes be the only chance of survival. Those who can change will grow their business and keep their clients.

cultural profiles

On cultural profiles and other organizational demons (Part I)


There are eight cultural profiles that can be found across all business environments. And we might add, identifying the cultural profile of a given organization is essential for designing adequate learning and development programs. Let’s explore the first four:


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