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developing millennial leaders

On developing millennial leaders


While there are a lot of literature and statistics about Millennials as employees, companies still seem to struggle when it comes to addressing their specific needs and requirements. Sooner or later there will be a leadership gap and the only solution is to start grooming millennial top talent to fill it.

4 Rs of creating a culture of engagement

The 4 Rs of creating a culture of engagement


Leaders should pay more attention to the level of engagement in their organization if they want to inspire people to deliver better results. A higher level of engagement is essential not only for the wellbeing of the company but also for the employees’ satisfaction and happiness. Let’s see what can be done to achieve this.

strong team in the digital age

Building a strong team in the digital age

Managers, Remote Training

Businesses have the opportunity to benefit from a remote, diverse talent pool. However, business leaders must always be cognizant of how they can compensate for the loss of advantages found in physical teams. It can take extra effort and investment, but this is the price of a potentially innovative remote workforce.

employee surveys

Things to know about employee surveys


Organizations are certainly tapping into the potential of online collected data but the best way to learn about employees and to show them they are important and heard are the good old-fashioned surveys with a modern face.

trifecta of trust in a learning organization

The trifecta of trust in a learning organization


Trust is the social glue for all relationships, both personal and professional.Needless to say, trust is also essential for learning and development and the trifecta of trust will empower learners and increase the learning outcomes.

enable innovation and creativity in remote teams

How to enable innovation and creativity in remote teams

Managers, Remote Training

Remote team members don’t have access to the same inspiration as in-office employees. However, you can ensure that your staff always have the creative boost they need to accomplish amazing things. Taking advantage of the benefits that remote working has to offer doesn’t have to mean giving up on creativity.

learning journeys

A resolution for 2020: meaningful learning journeys that stick!


What can companies do to maximize their learning programs and make sure that investing in learning and development is actually money well spent? Turning learning events into learning journeys might be the right solution for both companies and employees.

What can go wrong during knowledge transfer

What can go wrong during knowledge transfer and how to avoid that


Even though there are many factors that can negatively affect knowledge transfer, L&D professionals can overcome all of them by employing the right tactics: creatie a safe learning environment, use micro-learning modules and interactive elements, apply spaced repetition and invest in the right training technology.

effective leader of remote teams

Being an effective leader of remote teams

Managers, Remote Training

As teams are becoming more and more globally dispersed, technology becomes the essential glue that connects all members and facilitates communication. The best leader is the one who understands his people and inspires them to be the best they can be, even across continents and time zones.