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The posts in this category cover subjects L&D managers and other decision makers involved in business training might find useful or at least interesting.

quality of sleep and personal excellence

Exploring the link between quality of sleep and personal excellence


When most people think of career success, they think of habits such as creativity, initiative, and ambition. However, one of the biggest keys to success is often overlooked — getting a good night’s sleep. Aside from traits such as dedication, passion, and persistence, a good night’s sleep is also important to achieve success in our lives every day. Check out some tips to combat the negative effects of sleep deprivation.

Training Needs Analysis for the future

Doing a Training Needs Analysis for the future


Running a general training needs analysis when there isn’t one particular burning area gives L&D specialists time to be thorough and look at the big picture rather than figuring out how to quickly patch-up something. Learning is a process and having defined paths that are right in line with where the organization is going is the most effective way to achieve good performance.

tna for existing content

How to do a TNA for existing content


The L&D department keeps designing and buying programs that may have had their share of freshness, taste and utility at one point but end up moving forward solely out of inertia. That’s why every so often it’s good to take a good look at the entire database and figure out what is still of value and what has to go. Running a training needs analysis for existing content is therefore the best solution.

training needs analysis

The need for a Training Needs Analysis


The L&D department responds positively every time when it’s asked for a certain learning intervention. Yet there are instances when situations can’t be fixed with training, instances where there are existing modules that can very well do the job and instances when something altogether new needs to be created. In order to positively identify the most appropriate course of action, a training needs analysis has to be conducted.

cloud computing can onboard and train

How cloud computing can onboard and train employees


How new employees are on-boarded and trained is crucial to the success and growth of an organization. Employees are more likely to stay with a company longer if they have a positive on-boarding experience. Thankfully, cloud-based software solutions can now ensure that your new hires are properly inducted into the company by training them faster and more efficiently than ever before.

What is GDPR and why should talent development professionals care

What is GDPR and why should talent development professionals care?


The General Data Protection Regulation is bound to become enforceable next Friday. It will give more control to people over their personal data and also simplify the regulatory environment for international businesses. But what is GDPR exactly, and why should talent development professionals care about it, especially if the organizations they work for are not in Europe?

employee motivation

On employee motivation to work and to learn: 17 TED Talks


One of the first things we learn in Economics about making people perform better at work is how reinforcement and punishment modify people’s behavior. But the carrot and the stick approach to controlling employee performance can’t possibly work every time. In case of more complex tasks, the bigger the reward, the poorer the performance. So check out these 17 TED Talks about motivation to get a glimpse of what does work.

training program success

How to increase your training program success by assembling a great team


The success of a training program is correlated to how good the team doing the training is. By putting together from the start a great team, there is a better change of the program being successful. Therefore it’s important to know the goals of the training program, how the perfect team can achieve these goals, where help is needed, how to find people to help you, and how to convince them to join you.

digital training strategy

First steps for building a coherent digital training strategy


It’s obviously clear that the direction learning needs to go is digital yet it’s not enough to simply purchase a LMS, upload some modules and start emailing invitations to enroll. It takes a solid and coherent strategy. Considering all this, and that every journey starts with a single step, where can one actually start? Here are a few steps any L&D professional should take when they want to build a coherent digital training strategy.

workplace learning results

4 Must-haves for the best workplace learning results


With increasing employee turnover, offices scattered all around the globe, people working from home it seems difficult to design learning paths that will fit and include everyone as well as get results. There are, though, some things that L&D specialists ought to take into consideration before beginning to set up the department’s battle plan. Here are four aspects of a workplace learning strategy that guarantee positive results.


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