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How to use an LMS to engage your employees beyond training


While an LMS is an excellent tool for online training, these platforms also have many other use cases that companies could benefit from. Let’s have a look at some of the LMS functionalities that companies could successfully use for employee marketing:

4 Key LMS analytics every trainer needs to know

4 Key LMS analytics every trainer needs to know


An LMS provides rich analytics and reports that help trainers better understand what’s happening with learners and how they’re progressing through training courses. Here are some of the most common and helpful analytics with the most relevant insights for trainers:

AI-powered LMS

5 Ways an AI-powered LMS keeps your organization ahead


AI is not only here to stay; it is here to change the way we do most things. When it comes to corporate LMS, AI is not a commodity, but a necessity, as modern learner demands can only be met by employing it.

intelligent learning platform

What’s in store for the future of training: the intelligent learning platform


The rise of the intelligent platform marks the beginning of a new era of modern training. Access to content, on-demand learning, AI-based recommendations, and sophisticated analytics are just a few of the main features that companies will be on the lookout for as they’re re-thinking their internal processes.

Things you shouldn’t expect from your business LMS

4 Things you shouldn’t expect from your business LMS


Having a tool does not automatically equal getting the desired results; and that is true no matter if we’re talking about a hammer or an LMS. What matters most is how people use that tool. So here are four things that an LMS alone can’t do, but it can prove to be of great assistance to those who can:

Virtual Learning Environment in your LMS

Building a modern Virtual Learning Environment in your LMS


Organizations can invest in the one thing that will stay the same even after the pandemic goes away: the human capital. Having highly performing learning management systems equipped with engaging virtual learning environments will help organizations capitalize on the existing employee talent.

LMS capabilities that make remote training possible

4 LMS capabilities that make remote training possible


We are well into the current crisis and nobody knows for sure how long it will last and what the effects will be once it passes. This is not a time for quick fixes and organizations need to thoroughly assess their current LMS solutions, as they can very well make the difference between merely staying afloat or genuinely thriving.

using an LMS for training remote workers

3 Perks of using an LMS for training remote workers

LMS, Remote Training

In the context of extended remote work, global teams, and a growing need for brevity, flexibility and efficiency, having a good Learning Management System will make the difference between companies who navigate changes successfully and those who struggle.

LMS will evolve into LXP

Why LMSs will soon have LXP functionality


Slowly but surely the LMS is shifting from a management system to a learning system. A learning experience platform (LXP) takes things a step further by providing more ways for learners to direct and control their own learning experience. Here are a few examples of LXP features that can be a part of a business LMS: