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The posts in this category cover subjects that are interesting and useful for adult learners who want to develop professionally through training programs.
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learner-centered training

The shift to learner-centered training


Recent times have seen a radical shift of power from educational institutions to the learner due to emergent developments in free online learning, which provide the learner with a greater autonomy and a wide range of choice. But only learners who are able to assume a full and empowered learning stance will bring sustainable results and a positive ROI of L&D activity.

Agility – the superpower of the modern employee

Agility – the superpower of the modern employee


Organizations need their employees to be agile and strive to provide the appropriate tools and training programs for this to happen. Here are the three basic skills necessary to develop agility: listening, being empathetic and navigating uncertainty. Every employee has to train for that absolutely necessary superpower: agility.

mental models for learning

3 Mental models for learning L&D professionals should know about


Simply sending an email to everyone asking them to be creative or gathering a bunch of employees in a room with the same request might lead to some ideas but it takes a lot more to come up with new and refreshing concepts. This is where the theory of mental models comes in – it postulates that acquiring a new way of regarding how everything works will lead to a fresh perspective on reality and to surprising solutions to improve it.

Generation Z in the workplace

Generation Z in the workplace


Just as Millennials’ ways have become more or less the norm in most corporations a newer generation is making its way in and shows great promise of bringing about an even bigger revolution. They are the Generation Z. It’s clear that this younger generation will have a huge impact once they enter the workforce. Hiring them, on boarding and training them will pose unprecedented challenges for HR and L&D departments. But they are the future, after all.

career planning

3 Basic tips for strategic career planning


The motto ‘you can be all that you want to be’ holds more truth than ever. So why is planning one’s career development path still such a challenge? Well, too much information can be just as daunting as no information at all. People still get stuck in jobs they dislike or are obviously not suited for them. In order to not fall in such a rut and feel trapped there, here are some tips about how to strategically plan ahead.

modern career development

3 Considerations of modern career development


Regardless of goals, generation or even industry, predicting even only the general direction of one’s career seems to have more to do with the work of a fortune-teller than a project manager. That is because the business world has changed so much over the years and promises to transform even more every day that it is almost impossible to make an accurate prediction of where organizations will be in a couple of years.

millennials training needs

Top 3 ways to meet Millennials training needs


Millennials’ need for independence, flexibility and a great work/life balance means all learning programs have to allow them to move at their own pace and choose when and how they develop their skills and competencies. These programs should include both formal and informal learning, allow for mentorship within the organization and most importantly, be mobile friendly, micro-designed and gamified.


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