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L&D professionals need to know about impact mapping

What L&D professionals need to know about impact mapping

Instructional Designers

While impact mapping is in no While impact mapping is in no way revolutionizing the way organizations approach learning in relation to business outcomes, it offers a highly useful framework that establishes a clear and straightforward line of sight from training intervention to their desired end result.

memorable moments in corporate learning

5 Types of memorable moments in corporate learning

Instructional Designers

Memorable moments are experiences that trigger a deep and lasting emotional impression, positive or negative. That’s why all L&D specialists need to be aware of the importance of these memorable moments and when these occur during an employee’s learning journey.

storytelling for business training

How to start with storytelling for business training

Instructional Designers

Trainers have long been on a quest to find the best ways of engaging an audience and imparting as much information as possible, and storytelling has always played a part in their strategies. Here are a few new ways of employing storytelling techniques in corporate learning:

podcasting for employee development

Things to know about podcasting for employee development

Instructional Designers

The popularity of podcasts is mainly due to the fact that they allow for multi-tasking. In the shelter in place context, podcasts also offer a welcome break from too much screen time. It’s both convenient and engaging and thus a perfect way of delivering information and building up skills.