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Instructional Designers

The posts in this category cover subjects of interest for instructional designers, trainers and anyone involved in delivering business training programs.

designing training to upskill remote workers

Things to consider when designing training to upskill remote workers

Instructional Designers

No matter where they are based, all employees need to constantly get their skills set updated. HR and L&D professionals need to overcome plenty of challenges to help and support remote workers do that. If they learn to work around time zones, pick the right tech tools and translate training materials when needed, they have higher chances of success.

training virtual global teams

The DOs of training virtual global teams

Instructional Designers

Virtual global teams are becoming more and more frequent in organizations worldwide. They come with a new way of doing things and with a very different interpersonal dynamic that needs to be optimized in order for them to be truly successful.

Cognitive biases

10 Cognitive biases that hurt learning and 3 that help

Instructional Designers

Since the purpose of any teaching module is to change something in behavior and the point of biases is to help individuals act in a way that is similar and consistent with their previous experiences, the latter are obviously in the way of the first. Here are 10 learning-stopping biases, along with 3 that support it:

Elaboration Likelihood Method for instructional design

The Elaboration Likelihood Method for instructional design

Instructional Designers

ELM provides valuable insights into the workings of the human brain when faced with a message. While the processing route will always be an individual decision, instructional designers can do quite a lot to influence that and ensure that valuable knowledge gets sent on the right (central) path.

VR training with xApi

Combining the perks of VR training with xApi

Instructional Designers

Immersive learning environments provide the experience today’s learner prefers yet they still want all of it to be tailored to individual needs and objectives. Making xAPI an integral part of organizational L&D allows companies to create unified analytics, automate all reporting and use gathered data to take specific actions.

Employee-generated learning

Employee-generated learning: What you need to know

Instructional Designers

Today’s workers search for online resources and courses whenever they are faced with a challenge or need to solve a problem. These resources are not necessarily the work of internal learning designers but created by peers and professionals working in the same field.


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