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training senior employees

Tips for training senior employees


Millennials are set to take over the workplace. But what about the older employees? What about the graying workforce that greatly contributes to a company’s success? Shouldn’t business training programs seriously address the learning needs of senior employees as well? Companies that don’t plan for generational management shifts risk falling behind and losing out to their competitors.

mobile employee

The mobile employee and workplace learning


The mobile worker is among us. Are you aware?

It happened smoothly, one day after another, one technological advancement after another. It crept like a bug in every office space and in every workplace setting. We can no longer consider him or her to belong to a science-fiction, tech-reliant future. The mobile employee is HERE, NOW!

cultivating a happy workforce

10 insights for cultivating a happy workforce through learning


The working world changes fast and the only way to keep up with it is through learning and development. Employees need to learn and develop themselves if they want to have thriving and flourishing careers. Companies need to learn how to attract the best talent and how to clearly align individual learning objective with the ones of the organization.

At the end of the day, companies need a happy workforce, in order for them to be happy, because that is a sure fire way to solve business problems and make profit.

workplace learning be more like Uber

Should workplace learning be more like Uber?


What do workplace learning and Uber have in common? Just like Uber does a great job in delivering the best user experience by being reliable, punctual, simple and convenient, business training needs to be the same in order to provide the best learning experience.

Millennials + Video = Love

Millennials + Video = Love


Millennials in the workplace. Love them or hate them, they are here to stay. And you have to adapt your ways of office training if you want to benefit from the sometimes surprising minds of the largest generation today. Because between a cat video and an Instagram post there can be a tutorial on how to create extended reports in SalesForce or any other video related to a tough task everyone else avoids to do. Video learning rocks!

Too busy for learning

Too busy for learning? That’s just an excuse!


The paradigm surrounding workplace training is that while everyone agrees upon its importance, almost nobody puts it on their high priority list. Managers know that their company’s competitiveness is directly related to employees’ skills development, yet L&D departments are often the first to be hit by budget cuts. Employees are perfectly aware that developing their skills directly contributes to their professional development, yet they always have something urgent to do and simply don’t show up at training sessions.

How can instructional designers destroy this “too busy” attitude towards learning?

solutions for training millennials

5 Simple solutions for training millennials (Part II)


Question: What do all companies have in common, no matter their size, industry or field of activity?
Answer: They all hire millennials.

In a post from last month I presented five simple solutions for training millennials and I also promised we’ll explore another five in a future post. Well, this is the future post. Let’s dive in!

mistakes in e-learning

Making mistakes in e-learning: A dream come true


Happy 2016! Raise your glass for a year full of mistakes! Hear, hear!

What? Are mistakes not on your new year’s resolutions list? I think they should be.

Find out why making mistakes in a secure place like an LMS can actually be good for employees and their companies.