The posts in this category address various subjects related to e-learning and its role in delivering successful training programs within organizations of all types and sizes.

marketing techniques for e-learning

Why L&D professionals should know a few marketing techniques for e-learning


Corporate learning specialists tend to spend a lot of time and effort on providing quality e-learning content and expect employees to just jump at the opportunity to enroll. Even with the best programs available engagement scores are rarely as high as L&D managers would like. But with the use of simple marketing strategies, that can change.

learning ecosystem that works with xAPI

Building a learning ecosystem that works with xAPI


For corporate L&D departments it is getting increasingly challenging to keep track of all workplace learning. Implementing xAPI allows L&D specialists to make very informed decisions about what the learning path of each employee should look like, identify performance gaps in real-time and intervene rapidly to correct it and above all build the necessary bridges between employee experience and the company’s key objectives.

Millennials prefer blended learning

Why Millennials prefer blended learning


There are two things that come to mind when thinking about the disruption Millennials bring along at work: the demand for equilibrium between personal and professional life and the desire to continuously develop professionally. A great blended learning program takes the best of face-to-face, instructor-led training and e-learning, and blends everything to meet Millennials learning needs and more.

better graphic design in e-learning courses

5 Tips for better graphic design in e-learning courses


Since the way things look play such a great part in a person’s decision to buy or go through with something, it puts instructional designers in the position of paying a lot more attention to how training courses look rather than focusing mainly on the learning objectives and information to be delivered. So here are a few ideas to put into practice for those who want a better graphic design in their e-learning courses.

employee engagement with e-learning

Using incentives to increase employee engagement with e-learning


It’s always been a challenge for instructional designers to answer the “what’s in it for me” question that every learner asks themselves at the start of a course. Getting someone to study requires a lot more that the logical explanation of why they should do it. Developing a coherent incentive system to go with corporate e-learning helps a lot with this issue as well as with increasing employee engagement and retention.

UX e-learning design

Beyond 508 – UX e-learning design


Many organizations that are not required to do so by law choose to be 508 Compliant as this provides greater inclusivity. Since this section is directly referring to all technology driven software, this also applies to all virtual learning. For companies this means that all e-learning programs should abide to the rules and be easy to access by anyone in any circumstance.

e-learning personas

Why creating e-learning personas can improve online training efficiency


Generally people are prone to respond well to those who appear to like and, most importantly, understand them. For e-learning designers this means they need to know who they are designing it for and what makes that particular target audience (or audiences) tick. Using personas (or learner profiles) is a good way to make sure that the end user is always minded, right from the blueprinting stage of a course.

advantages of microlearning

10 Advantages of microlearning in online training


Just because something is small it doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. A drop of learning wrapped in a small training package can have a huge positive impact on employee productivity. Microlearning can really turn out to be that drop that makes the training potion magic and give trainees the heal of knowledge. So let’s focus on 10 positive aspects of microlearning that might convince you to add it to your training potion!

training in a digital world

The challenge of training in a digital world


It is indeed challenging to create and deliver training programs in today’s digital world. It’s not an easy task to keep up with all the technological advancements in the training industry, decide on the best new tech to include in instruction, all while maintaining the learner’s needs — both basic and job specific — at the core of the decision-making process. However, as challenging as this may be, it’s worth the effort.

video making for training

Video making for training – 3 steps to take before yelling “action!”


Like most business professionals, L&D specialists face the constant challenge to stay on top of the rapid developments in their field. Employing the latest technology is a must and video has lately become the favorite medium for getting information. There are many great apps, tips and videos out there that can bring out the director in anybody, but before yelling “lights, camera, action!”, here are three things to be checked off the list.