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The posts in this category address various subjects related to e-learning and its role in delivering successful training programs within organizations of all types and sizes.

video making for training

Video making for training – 3 steps to take before yelling “action!”


Like most business professionals, L&D specialists face the constant challenge to stay on top of the rapid developments in their field. Employing the latest technology is a must and video has lately become the favorite medium for getting information. There are many great apps, tips and videos out there that can bring out the director in anybody, but before yelling “lights, camera, action!”, here are three things to be checked off the list.

E-learning influencers to watch in 2018

10 E-learning influencers to watch in 2018 [INFOGRAPHIC]


Whether you’re new to e-learning or a seasoned veteran in the industry, there’s one thing you should never forget: online training is always changing. In order to get a step ahead of the competition, check out our very subjective list of people who know the ins and outs of e-learning for businesses. Following one or more of them — and what they have to say — might help your company thrive this year.

before designing an e-learning module

What to consider before designing an e-learning module


The key to a successful training program is making sure it is just what the company, the employees and the industry needs. That’s why L&D professionals need to conduct a training needs assessment, align learning with company objectives and also keep an eye on the future, all before starting to design an e-learning module. Making an effort to do all this will surely prove a lot more beneficial to all involved.

IoT in the workplace

A glimpse into the future: IoT in the workplace


IoT (or the Internet of Things) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enables these objects to connect and exchange data. The limits of where IoT might take us in our private and professional lives cannot yet be foreseen. What’s already clear though, is that it will have a tremendous impact in the reshaping of all objects, devices and everyday tasks.

screencasting in training

Using screencasting in training: What? Why? How?


E-learning has taken over as the main method of knowledge delivery and it works wonderfully; but for those instances where a facilitator is necessary, screencasting is a good way to merge human and digital interaction. Screencasting is basically the most useful tool to use for digital storytelling. The technology is not entirely new but is developing rapidly and with mobile devices becoming the preferred medium for learning, it is bound to become more widely used. In corporate training.

Do Millennials need special training?

Do Millennials need special training?


Do Millennials need special training? On first glance, you’d think they do. But I don’t think so. The problem is not that Millennials have expectations from their workplace and training programs. The problem is the continued use of outdated training methods and materials even though technology forces businesses to advance at a much faster pace. The solution is not to create special training for Millennials, but to update all training programs to meet today’s learning needs of all employees.


How the use of mobile devices in training saves the trees


While there are many reasons why one should very much want to own a hard copy of Moby Dick, The Pickwick Papers or Dune, nobody would ever enjoy holding onto the “Complete guide of products and services, additional services and company procedures”. Regardless how loyal an employee and how important the information contained in those many pages would be, it’s best to be able to consult it online. Saving our forests one mobile device at a time is the green way to go.

best brain-training tactics

Are games the best brain-training tactics?


Are games the best brain-training tactics? They might be. Games can improve problem-solving skills, boost the creation of new memories and stimulate mental cognition and produce positive brain changes. Games have been incorporated in learning materials for a long time but lately, with the newest technology it is easier than ever to use them in order to train the brain. For instructional designers, the possibilities are limitless.

4 Video making tips for instructional designers

4 Video making tips for instructional designers


There is a good reason for that never ending army of professionals behind every good motion picture. But that can’t be the case for those who need to produce ‘self made’ video content for online instruction. So here are four things about making videos every instructional designer should know and a few tips on how to implement them: lights, cameras, composition and sound.

Old-school vs. New-school workplace learning

Old-school vs. New-school workplace learning


Old-school vs. New-school workplace learning: which side are you? Old school corporate training has its great merits but it also has had its time. The newer generations do not have the patience to sit through long lectures. New school training with its flexible, mobile and learner-driven focus is the right answer for today’s business world.


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