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L&D should gear towards talent activation

Why L&D should gear towards talent activation


Talent activation is meant to transform the old talent management programs aimed at episodic employee development into an ongoing (and connected) sum of experiences that empower employees and help them move forward toward achieving personal and business goals.

On culture and other organizational demons

On culture and other organizational demons (Part II)


Organizations are different, as people are different and create different cultures. This is why learning programs should try to adapt as well to the organizational cultures if they want to deliver results. As a trainer, make sure that you know your client, your learners, and their values before designing the learning program.

role of L&D in developing a culture

The role of L&D in developing a culture of security at work


Trainers have a significant role to play in influencing companies and staff, developing a culture that embraces cybersecurity, rather than just paying lip service to it. But where do we start? Here are a few key areas that can help you develop a secure IT culture, and keep it that way.

build a connection culture and boost employee engagement

Build a connection culture and boost employee engagement


Building a connection culture at the workplace is a key factor to boost employees’ engagement and productivity. Meaningful connection is a superpower for both employees and companies and it should be cultivated by leaders who want to help employees thrive.

Machine Learning and AI in online training

The case for using (some) Machine Learning and AI in online training


The fourth industrial revolution will be the one brought by Artificial Intelligence and it will change the way we live, work, relate to one another, or even study. Since we have managed to overcome three industrial revolutions already while making the most of them, there’s no need to worry too much about this one.

trends in digital learning experiences

5 Current trends in digital learning experiences


Designing meaningful learning experiences instead of mere content-based classes is a powerful tool for trainers and can improve learning outcomes for all attendees. These five current trends in digital learning might be a source of inspiration for trainers and teachers that want to create significant learning experiences in the virtual classes.

e-learning and growth

3 Reasons why e-learning and growth go hand in hand


The connection between e-learning and increased business growth is clearer than ever. E-learning solutions offer companies a measurable, flexible and unique model for growth, engaging employees with an active and rewarding development path.

elevate corporate training

10 Great tools to quickly elevate corporate training [Infographic]


Trainers are in charge of organizing sessions, creating course materials, evaluating courses and finding the appropriate tools to accomplish everything. The pressure to digitize training is higher than ever before. That is why we have searched high and low for tech that can elevate your training right away. Here are our top 10 options: