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360-degrees feedback

360-degrees feedback: A more accurate strategy for coaching programs


No coaching program is perfect, but with the right attitude and with the constant habit of asking and giving feedback, there is a good chance of making people feel more in tune with the company’s values and objectives. Let’s see 5 ways you can improve your company’s 360-degrees feedback process for coaching sessions:

Divergent roads on the path to training success

Divergent roads on the path to training success


People have different ways of thinking, different backgrounds and they relate to knowledge and information in unique ways. And this uniqueness should be taken into consideration when we try to implement learning programs in any company.

how to create better training presentations

5 Tips on how to create better training presentations

Instructional Designers

Engaging slides are not very useful without meaningful content — that goes without saying. But good content alone is not enough. This is why we should pay more attention to the way we design our slides. And we should keep in mind that slides are only a means, not an end.

businesses after the pandemic

On grief and the future of businesses after the pandemic


The world will no longer be the same and we should all prepare for changes. The five stages of grief are as real for individuals as they are for companies. Let’s see how the model might help businesses cope with the current crisis:

coaching culture

Successfully managing change through a coaching culture


It takes a lot of work to break habits and adopt new points of view. However, in an ever-changing business ecosystem, change may sometimes be the only chance of survival. Those who can change will grow their business and keep their clients.

On culture and other organizational demons

On culture and other organizational demons (Part II)


Organizations are different, as people are different and create different cultures. This is why learning programs should try to adapt as well to the organizational cultures if they want to deliver results. As a trainer, make sure that you know your client, your learners, and their values before designing the learning program.

cultural profiles

On cultural profiles and other organizational demons (Part I)


There are eight cultural profiles that can be found across all business environments. And we might add, identifying the cultural profile of a given organization is essential for designing adequate learning and development programs. Let’s explore the first four:


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