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The secret sauce for efficient training: experiential learning

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There has been a fundamental shift in the way people learn, all due to the advancements in mobile technology and the rise of the digital tribe – a generation that is used to finding information by way of a few clicks on a device and no longer has the patience to thoroughly go through extensive training materials on a certain subjects. These are the reasons why experiential learning presents itself like the viable solution for L&D in the workplace.

4 Video making tips for instructional designers

4 Video making tips for instructional designers

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There is a good reason for that never ending army of professionals behind every good motion picture. But that can’t be the case for those who need to produce ‘self made’ video content for online instruction. So here are four things about making videos every instructional designer should know and a few tips on how to implement them: lights, cameras, composition and sound.

Top e-learning trends to keep an eye on in 2018

Top e-learning trends to keep an eye on in 2018

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People have always had a fascination with the future. For businesses, however, it is necessity rather than curiosity and they don’t make use of crystal balls. Luckily enough they have the possibility to draw informed predictions and forecasts about the foreseeable future. Here are the trends to look for in this field in 2018: Virtual and Augmented Reality, gamification, social learning, xAPI and open platforms.


4 Great examples of design apps for e-learning

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Designing good-quality, engaging e-learning content can be both an exciting and a daunting task. Pretty much all the design apps and tools available promise to be the most user-friendly, easy-to use in the world. Even though this is sometimes just a promise, some of these apps are exactly what their creators say they are and make the life of designers a lot easier. Here are our favorite four.

characteristics of great instructional designers

Top 3 characteristics of great instructional designers

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Textbooks say that e-learning should have a personal approach, yet reach a lot of people. It sounds like a contradiction in terms but in reality this is one of the many up-sides of e-learning: the options are very varied and tech advances make more and more things possible all the time. Great instructional designers share a few common characteristics. Here are just 3:

Top 3 things to avoid at all costs during an LMS implementation

Top 3 things to avoid at all costs during an LMS implementation

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E-learning has many perks and moving learning online is the logical thing to do since all arguments made these days are in favor it. However, in spite of all the obvious benefits, it’s best if those in charge of the putting in place are also aware of the obstacles that can arise when such an endeavor is underway.

e-learning assessments

How to go about e-learning assessments

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One of the greatest challenges of L&D professionals is assessing the results and being able to present them in a form that makes them easy to follow both for HR specialists and managers. Measuring the effectiveness of e-learning, the rate of knowledge transfer and the benefits it has for the organization is a more intricate process than it would initially seem.

why games matter in workplace training

Why games matter in workplace training

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Games have found their way to the training room quite a while ago. Initially, their purpose was to animate the room and bring some fun to learning. With the transformation of generations, however, much has changed in what is perceived as the norm in corporate training and games became the go-to for effective learning. Read on to find out why games matter in workplace training.

faces of mentoring

Discovering 3 new faces of mentoring

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Corporate mentoring is meant to aid both career development and talent management as employees acquire new skills and have a clear image of where they want to get within the organization. With the emergence of a new type of employee, however, the types of mentoring need to change in order to accommodate the non-traditional young adults. Read on to find out three new faces of mentoring.

L&D best practices

L&D best practices that ensure e-learning success

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Achieving success in terms of online training programs is not exactly a straightforward endeavor. L&D professionals need to find the right path to it, and it all depends on each organization’s learning needs. However, aligning L&D with organizational objectives, getting top-management on board and providing personalized learning experiences for all employees are three L&D best practices that will get them on that right path.