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The 12 types of LMS reports your e-learning platform must offer


Training reports are just as important for your L&D department as financial forecasts are for the finance team — they help you move forward and drive business growth. Explore twelve types of LMS reports that help companies make data-driven decisions and get more out of their training programs.


Why intelligent learning platforms help hybrid employees be more productive


Employee productivity is one of the biggest concerns of organizations that adopt a hybrid work model. The intelligent learning platform’s AI-infused features ensure that hybrid employees have all the tools to succeed and stay productive by making training more flexible than ever before.


What is an intelligent learning platform for businesses?


The intelligent learning platform for businesses is finally here. Find out how a complex goal setting and recommendations system allows for a more personalized employee training experience, while instructors benefit from a more advanced analytics system, transforming the way companies learn.

Settling the LMS vs LXP debate once and for all

Settling the LMS vs LXP debate once and for all


Settling the LMS vs LXP debate isn’t easy as both platforms have their strong points. However, the intelligent learning platform unites the two systems into a robust, AI-powered, feature-rich solution suitable for any organization, so it’s probably the closest we’ll get to settling the debate once and for all.

5 LMS analytics for a successful L&D program

5 LMS analytics for a successful L&D program


LMSs support learner engagement and training efficiency in multiple ways. One of them is through accurate analytics and in-depth reports that provide you the insight you need to design better training — the type that boosts competencies, employee satisfaction, and retention.


Top 4 challenges of training a hybrid team

Remote Training

As almost 60 percent of U.S. employees prefer to work remotely, adapting to hybrid training is a must. So let’s delve into some of the most common challenges of training a hybrid team and see how instructors can overcome them.