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Is your talent program wide enough?

Is your talent program wide enough?


International employees bring a lot of added value to your organization, but they need to feel that they are valued, and their contribution is wanted. That’s why you should adjust your current talent development and recognition program to be inclusive and inviting of multicultural employees.

What you need to know about right-skilling employees

What you need to know about right-skilling employees


Right-skilling employees is about more than making sure they learn something new and become more efficient in their work. In the current volatile environment, right-skilling is the only way to ensure that businesses close learning gaps and employees feel more secure about their future.

skills remote employees need to develop

8 Practical skills remote employees need to develop right now

Remote Training

Taking a break from the office doesn’t mean taking a break from skill-building. L&D professionals must understand the needs of various workers, identify the competencies needed to be successful, and design training programs that support the development of the required skills.

AI-powered LMS

5 Ways an AI-powered LMS keeps your organization ahead


AI is not only here to stay; it is here to change the way we do most things. When it comes to corporate LMS, AI is not a commodity, but a necessity, as modern learner demands can only be met by employing it.

How L&D transformed with the pandemic

How the pandemic transformed L&D

Remote Training

The L&D function, the essential supporter of any corporate change, had to remodel itself tremendously in order to become what companies needed it to be. Thanks to the positive and creative frame of mind of most learning specialists, the transformations have all been helpful and positive.

intelligent learning platform

What’s in store for the future of training: the intelligent learning platform


The rise of the intelligent platform marks the beginning of a new era of modern training. Access to content, on-demand learning, AI-based recommendations, and sophisticated analytics are just a few of the main features that companies will be on the lookout for as they’re re-thinking their internal processes.

personalized training for remote employees

4 Tips on providing personalized training for remote employees

Remote Training

Remote work has transformed overnight from an occasional perk to a (seemingly) permanent necessity. Digital transformation in training and development got a huge boost, so it is important to develop digital training strategies that provide personalized training and support for remote workforces.