How to make hybrid training engaging and impactful

How to make hybrid training engaging and impactful

Course design

Hybrid learning might not be the method of choice for any trainer, but today’s reality makes it imperative to make it possible. This type of training must be efficient, so instructors should strive to perfect their skills to perform well in such a setting

Why every company should embrace an agile mindset

Why every company should embrace an agile mindset


An organizational agile mindset is necessary to any business looking to expand and thrive. It ensures that the company is ready to tackle any new challenges and has the resources to activate and drive beneficial change.

learner engagement in digital training

How to drive up learner engagement in digital training

Online training

To drive up digital learning engagement, L&D specialists need to understand that it is very different from traditional corporate learning and act accordingly. Here are a few ideas about how to boost learner engagement in digital training:

Things you shouldn’t expect from your business LMS

4 Things you shouldn’t expect from your business LMS

Business LMS

Having a tool does not automatically equal getting the desired results; and that is true no matter if we’re talking about a hammer or an LMS. What matters most is how people use that tool. So here are four things that an LMS alone can’t do, but it can prove to be of great assistance to those who can:

L&D communication plan

On designing a great L&D communication plan

Course design

As learning professionals, we need to be able to talk about what we are doing and why it is important. Educating our audiences about ourselves and our mission is as important as providing them with the right learning opportunities and tools for them to grow and achieve superior results.

digital adoption manager

A new key role in the organization: digital adoption manager

L&D leaders

Like all things new, going digital is not entirely easy. For some it may not even seem very natural but since that is the way the cookie crumbles in today’s business world, only those who get on the digital boat and learn how to sail it will succeed. And any boat needs a captain.

e-learning that has an impact

3 Tips for instructional designers to create e-learning that has an impact

Course design

Human memory is very selective and highly emotional. Designing a course so that it has an impact requires generating some degree of introspection in the learner, facilitating experiences rather that presenting lectures and making sure that only the most relevant subjects and information make the cut.

before buying an LMS

5 questions to ask yourself before buying an LMS

Business LMS

The market is now teaming with LMS solutions for every type of organization and a wide range of expectations and needs. However, buying an LMS is a decision to be made for a longer period of time so it is really important do pick the right one. So here are the main questions to ask before venturing into a LMS purchase.

growth mindset

Why having a growth mindset is the basis for learning and development

L&D leaders

A growth mindset, rather than a fixed idea that there’s one interest one should feel the compulsion to pursue, improves the chances of finding real passion and also having the will and determination to become very good at it. The findings of a recent study on “implicit theories of interest” are severely significant for parents, educators and L&D professionals as they show the proper way to promote self-development and personal growth.