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How to use an LMS to engage your employees beyond training


While an LMS is an excellent tool for online training, these platforms also have many other use cases that companies could benefit from. Let’s have a look at some of the LMS functionalities that companies could successfully use for employee marketing:

4 Key LMS analytics every trainer needs to know

4 Key LMS analytics every trainer needs to know


An LMS provides rich analytics and reports that help trainers better understand what’s happening with learners and how they’re progressing through training courses. Here are some of the most common and helpful analytics with the most relevant insights for trainers:

ensure the long-term success of your remote team

How to ensure the long-term success of your remote team


Remote work can bring up new challenges and responsibilities for managers and team leaders that may not have been considered before, so they need to implement best practices that will help team members adapt to this working style long-term and thrive. Let’s have a look at some of the ways team leaders can ensure the long-term success of their remote team:

training program success

How to increase your training program success by assembling a great team


The success of a training program is correlated to how good the team doing the training is. By putting together from the start a great team, there is a better change of the program being successful. Therefore it’s important to know the goals of the training program, how the perfect team can achieve these goals, where help is needed, how to find people to help you, and how to convince them to join you.

most important feature in an LMS

The #1 most important feature in an LMS

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The perfect LMS that caters to the specific needs of your organization does not a have a single most important feature; it has an array of features, that form a complete learning and training solution. The most important features in an LMS are the ones that help your company achieve its goals: making profit by selling courses, offering personalized training for clients, increasing employee productivity, and so on.

let go of an LMS

When it’s time to let go of an LMS


Sometimes it’s hard for people to let go. Even when something is not working anymore. The same thing happens with companies. There are a lot of companies that still use very old LMSs or training systems, with no intention of changing them. Why does this happen? Here are a few reasons why companies are reluctant to changing their LMS.