Evaluate training effectiveness: The 4 Questions companies should answer

L&D leaders

Knowing if your corporate training is working or not saves you a lot of hassle, time and money in the long run. Then, you can tweak your training strategy, discard programs that aren’t working and create even better ones. Here are the four questions companies should answer in order to evaluate training effectiveness.


What is quiet quitting and should companies be worried about it?


While “quiet quitting” first appeared on TikTok, this has become a widespread phenomenon in how a significant part of the workforce thinks and feels about doing their jobs. But is it a trend that’s here to stay? Should companies be worried about it? Let’s find out:


Can the hybrid workforce avoid working in silos?


The hybrid workforce does have a chance of falling into the silo mentality. However, working in silos can be avoided. It takes patience, ongoing effort to improve collaboration, and the right technology, but it will pay off in the long run. Let’s explore what leaders and HR professionals can do:


How to ensure compliance in the workplace in 8 steps


Compliance in the workplace has a reputation for being boring and tedious. However, not being compliant leads to many legal issues, so companies need to design better and more engaging compliance training programs. How? Learn how to ensure compliance in the workplace in eight steps: